When you run a business, managing and reselling your fleet along with your other responsibilities can be a daunting task. As your professional partner, we are committed to providing services that will help you focus on your business’ goals and provide you the right resources at the right time. Introducing GM Remarketing Services, a program set up to make the process of reselling your fleet more convenient so you can save time and resources, remove the uncertainty of remarketing, and increase your returns to help improve your bottom line.




When you are ready to resell your fleet, our GM Remarketing Services Consultant will work with you and your Fleet Account Executive to support you with the best solutions to manage your inventory for both GM and non-GM vehicles. Once we have identified remarketing opportunities, we have the ability to transport your vehicles and prep them for sale, a process that could include reconditioning, setting market-pricing guidelines and strategic, tactical auction plans. We also have access to more than 40 auction locations1 across the country to place your vehicles at the most strategic auction. Once the auction is complete, we use our analytic tools to gather data to evaluate sales and your current fleet for wholesale planning and calculate your total cost of ownership.



Get a better return on investment

Get an average of $800 more per vehicle in GM closed sales compared with similar vehicles in open sales2. Plus, competitive auction services and planning help you save time and resources.

One-stop shop for all your remarketing needs
Work with your GM Remarketing Services Consultants, who will handle all of your remarketing needs from start to finish so you can save time and costs.

GM Auctions
We have the ability to utilize more than 40 full-service auctions that support GM Sponsored Auctions and GM Financial Open Sales1 across the U.S.

Customized solutions tailored for you
Remarketing and auction strategy, customized sales reports, analyses, and market insights are available to help you make the right business decisions