GM supplies current Model Year passenger cars and light-duty trucks to U.S. Federal Government agencies. Franchised dealers closest to the agencies' offices will receive commercial, military and/or enhanced mobility vehicles for courtesy delivery.

The purpose of this letter is to:

  • notify dealers of the new General Motors Corporation (GM) annual contract to the U.S. General Services Administration (GSA);
  • help dealers identify these government units; and
  • explain the delivery process.



Dealers receiving vehicles for courtesy delivery to U.S. Federal Government agencies should follow this process:

  1. Receive notification of government vehicle shipment.
  2. Receive and inspect vehicle.
  3. Call the government agency contact person to schedule vehicle pickup at the dealership.
  4. Complete PDI and fuel the vehicle.
  5. Submit claims for Handling Allowance.
  6. Check U.S. Government ID and make delivery.



GM dealers receive a special status report transmitted to their GM Dealerworld mailbox.


The status will be within Dealerworld > Business Administration > GM Exchange Reports. Our Vehicles will be identified as FGO. This will give a Targeted Production date of the vehicle you will be receiving for delivery.


It provides frequently requested details about fleet vehicles being shipped for courtesy delivery to the U.S. Government and other fleet customers.


Receive Vehicle

Assembly plants attach a specially modified Monroney label to vehicles built for the Federal Government. Printed in the upper right-most block of the label, where prices and option content are usually displayed, are the GM order number, GSA contract number and GSA purchase order number. Government employees often refer to the PO number as the RPN number. Also printed on the label, in the same block, are the name and telephone number of the agency representative who is responsible for taking delivery of the vehicle, at the dealership, when new vehicle prep is completed.


What to expect from the GSA customer picking up their Courtesy Delivery Vehicle

When picking up a vehicle, the GSA Customers should bring their federal identification, license plate, Certificate of Origin and/or Motor Vehicle delivery order, as proof of ownership.


The GSA Customer should review/inspect the vehicle completely to ensure that ordered options are included and that there is no damage to the vehicle.


The GSA Customer should compare the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) on the GSA vehicle to the COV or copy of the Motor Vehicle Delivery order to verify it is the right vehicle.



These deliveries do not involve financial transactions between the dealer and the GSA. GM transmits invoices and Certificates of Origin directly to the GSA. Title to the vehicle passes to the GSA at the time of shipment. No vehicle documents are sent to the dealership. The GSA is responsible to register the vehicle and to pay whatever taxes and fees are required by local jurisdictions.

Inspection and Servicing

Regardless of the type of vehicle, dealers should inspect these units as they do any new vehicle received at the dealership, including processing transportation claims, if necessary. Perform pre-delivery servicing in accordance with published GM policies and procedures. OnStar must not be activated unless specific, written instructions are received from the GSA agency. Do not install on the vehicle any form of dealership identity insignia, decalcomania, advertising plate or license plate frame.

Handling Allowance

Dealers claim a handling allowance of $150.00 in addition to the regular pre-delivery inspection reimbursement. The handling allowance compensates dealers for delivery, on dealership premises and for the fuel allowance. Fuel guidelines for vehicles delivered to GSA agencies are:


Passenger Car 1/4 tank of fuel as indicated on the fuel gauge

Light-Duty Truck 1/4 tank of fuel as indicated on the fuel gauge


Pre-Delivery Inspection is paid automatically when the vehicle is invoiced. In order to be paid your Delivery fee, submit a warranty repair order. Enter the Handling Allowance claim as: Labor Op: 0590126 Net Amount $150.00. No labor, other labor hours or parts items are accepted.


Photo Identification

For security reasons, dealers should ask to see U.S. Government photo-identification from the agency representative taking delivery of a GSA passenger car or light-duty truck. Because these vehicles may return for maintenance, body shop or other automotive services, courtesy introductions to the dealership's departments are appropriate.