MPG2:17 city/24 hwy
Max Towing4: 7700 lbs
Max GVWR*: 6200 lbs
Available MaxSeating: 5

2019 GMC Canyon

MSRP1 Starting At

Towing4:9400 lbs.
MPG2:15 city/22 hwy

Towing4:14,500 lbs.
GVWR5:10,000 lbs.

Towing4:23,300 lbs.
Max Payload**:7,153 lbs.

Towing4:10,000 lbs
Cargo Volume***:313.9 cubic ft.

Max Seating:15
Max Towing4:9400 lbs
Max GVWR6:9900 lbs


MPG2:26 city/30 hwy
Max Seating:5

2019 GMC Terrain

MSRP1 Starting At

MPG2:18 city/25 hwy
Max Seating3:up to 7
Max Towing4:Up to 4000 lbs.

2019 GMC Acadia

MSRP1 Starting At

MPG2:14 City/23 hwy
Max Seating3:Up to 9

2019 GMC Yukon/Denali

MSRP1 Starting At

Towing4:Up to 8,300 lbs.
Max Seating3:Up to 9
MPG2:16 city/23 hwy