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Chris Ebenhoeh
OnStar Fleet Sales


OnStar Services:

RemoteLink mobile app2

Give drivers an amazing level of control and connection to their vehicle from their mobile device. View real-time diagnostics information including fuel efficiency, oil life and tire pressure, as well as remotely lock and unlock doors and send turn-by-turn routes directly to your vehicle.


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Automatic Crash Response3

If one of your vehicles is ever in an accident, Automatic Crash Response can automatically alert specially trained Advisors who can send help to their exact location.


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Hands-Free Calling4

A built-in, more reliable way to stay connected, OnStar Hands-Free Calling lets drivers stay safely connected without fumbling for their cell phone.


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Remote Services5

Locking the keys in the car won’t slow down your GM fleet. Call OnStar and an Advisor can confirm account information and send a signal to remotely unlock the vehicle’s doors.


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Business Vehicle Manager6

Receive a monthly summary detailing the health of each vehicle in your fleet. Check odometers, remaining oil life and more to ensure your vehicles are ready for business.

Emergency Services & Roadside Assistance7

No matter what kind of trouble your drivers encounter out on the road, OnStar is ready to help. Enjoy roadside assistance beyond the GM factory warranty, as well as 24/7 emergency services.


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Turn-by-Turn Navigation8

With the push of a button, your drivers can connect with an OnStar Advisor who will send directions right to their vehicle.


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Stolen Vehicle Assistance5

If one of your vehicles is ever stolen, OnStar will work with the police to recover it quickly and safely. GPS technology and exclusive tools like Stolen Vehicle Slowdown and Ignition Block, give your fleet unmatched protection from theft.


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