Electronic stability control systems, such as GM's StabiliTrak, are becoming increasingly important on today's vehicles. StabiliTrak not only helps to enhance vehicle safety but also increases driver confidence and control.

Electronic Stability Control goes by many names. It's called Active Handling on Corvette and StabiliTrak on most other GM vehicles. In all cases it provides the same benefits.


Key benefits include:

Helping the driver to maintain control of the vehicle during certain low traction driving conditions such as ice, snow, gravel, wet pavement and uneven road surfaces

  • Helping the driver to maintain control of the vehicle in emergency lane changes or avoidance maneuvers
  • Helping the driver to avoid collisions
  • Helping automatically — no driver action to activate the system is required






The StabiliTrak system works by recognizing the start of an understeer or oversteer condition. Sensors detect the difference between the direction the driver is actually turning and the vehicle's response by "reading" the steering wheel position, the amount of sideways force in place, vehicle speed and how the vehicle is turning.


When necessary, the system automatically applies precise amounts of brake pressure at individual wheels and reduces the engine torque to help the driver keep the vehicle on track. These brake and engine interventions help realign the vehicle's path with that being steered by the driver.