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Fleet Purchase Program (FVX)

Get allowances on select GM models for varied users (for qualified fleet customers)

At Ally, one of our primary goals is to provide commercial customers with solutions that are as unique as they are. With Ally, qualified customers can receive up-fit financing that includes both the cost of the vehicle and any customary aftermarket customizations needed for your business. You can finance vehicles and establish lines of credit in the business’s name, rather than in your name. And you can benefit from closed and open-ended leasing options like Ally’s SmartLease® and ComTRAC® leases. At Ally, we know what commercial customers want and we have what you need.


Ally’s Commercial Vehicle Line of Credit

  • Includes pre-approval for vehicle financing that enables qualified customers to build business fleets
  • Flexible enough to meet the needs of almost any business and can be applied to passenger cars or light- and medium-duty business vehicles of virtually any make or model
  • Provides an additional source of funding solely to purchase or lease business vehicles, while preserving your bank credit lines for other business needs


Third-Party Guaranty

  • Allows you to keep your business transactions with the business — and your name off of the vehicle contract and title
  • Builds credit in the business’s name only


Ally SmartLease®

  • A close-ended lease that provides you with the opportunity to obtain new vehicles more often, maintaining a professional image through more frequent fleet replacement
  • You get protection against depreciation risks or trade-in worries


Ally’s ComTRAC® Lease

  • An open-ended lease that allows you to depreciate or expense the cost of vehicles
  • Allows tailoring of residual values for more flexibility in determining monthly payments and managing cash flow


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