Rear Park Assist

  • Helps drivers navigate into parking spots using bumper-mounted sensors
  • Helps alert drivers to stationary objects less than 8 feet from the rear of the vehicle while the vehicle is operating at speeds less than 5 mph
  • When an object is detected, the system will sound a series of beeps
  • Requires the available Enhanced Safety Package 1
Note: Rear Park Assist does not replace driver vision. It cannot detect:

  • Objects that are below the bumper, under the vehicle or too close or too far from the vehicle
  • Children, pedestrians, bicyclists or pets
If you do not use proper care before moving forward and while backing up, vehicle damage, injury or death could occur. Even with the Rear Park Assist system, always check in front of the vehicle before moving forward and behind the vehicle before backing up. While moving forward and backing up, be sure to look for objects and check the vehicle mirrors.