6-speed manual transmission

For maximum control, the 6-speed manual transmission puts the impressive power and torque of Camaro® at your command. On the 1LS and LT models, the Aisin® AY6 unit has a very aggressive first gear ratio (4.48:1) for exceptionally strong launches. On the SS and ZL1™, the Tremec® TR6060 transmission is designed to manage the high-torque characteristics of the super-muscular, 6.2L V8 with outstanding smoothness. The ZL1 version features increased torque capacity than SS and is tuned for smooth and precise shifts. And if you like pushing your machine to the limit, you'll love Launch Control, which comes standard on every V8 Camaro with manual transmission. It's a form of traction control to manage wheel spin intelligently to give you awesome off-the-line acceleration.