StabiliTrak® Electronic Stability Control

StabiliTrak® Electronic Stability Control compares your steering input with your truck's response and, if necessary, makes small, individual brake and engine torque applications to enhance control and help you keep on track. The system includes a number of components designed to boost your confidence when hauling or towing a heavy load.

  • Trailer Sway Control feature senses trailer sway and automatically applies the truck's brakes to help reduce sway and maintain control
  • Intelligent Brake Assist features preloaded calipers, allowing the brakes to be fully applied more quickly when the system senses a panic-braking situation
  • Hill Start Assist automatically engages to hold the truck stationary for about a second after the brake is released, giving the driver time to accelerate before the truck can roll backward

This feature is standard on single-rear-wheel GVWR only.