Remote Keyless Entry

Malibu® offers a Remote Keyless Entry system that is not only convenient, but also provides enhanced security. Here's what it features: 

  • As you leave your vehicle, 1 click of the transmitter locks all doors, for peace of mind as you walk away. Upon returning, 1 click unlocks only the driver's door – with the other doors remaining securely locked.
  • For passenger entry, 2 quick clicks will unlock all the doors
  • Press the Remote Trunk Release button and hold it for a second for easy access to the trunk
  • To locate your vehicle in a crowded parking area, a single touch of a button sounds the horn and flashes the headlamps and turn signals 3 times
  • Press and hold that same button to activate the panic alarm, which will sound the horn continually and flash the headlamps and turn signals for 30 seconds