Midgate® panel

The key to your vehicle's versatility of is the Midgate® panel – a foldable door between the cargo bed and cab. For open-air driving, simply unlatch the removable rear window and stow it in the special recess in the Midgate panel. When you need a secure, covered cargo area, fold the Midgate panel forward with the window in place to create 101 cu. ft. of cargo volume.1 Or remove the cargo cover to create an open, 8-foot cargo bed1 ready to be put to good use.  

  • Bed height: 25.0"
  • Bed length with Midgate up: 63.0"
  • Bed length with Midgate down: 97.6"
  • Cargo bed width: 50.0"

1 Cargo and load capacity limited by weight and distribution.