Fleet Purchase Program (FVX)

Get allowances on select GM models for varied users (for qualified fleet customers).

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What does GM consider a fleet?


A Qualified Fleet User is defined as any company that:

Has purchased and registered or leased five (5) or more new cars and/or trucks solely for use in its operation (any combination of manufacturers):


  • during the current or preceding calendar year,
  • during the current or preceding model year, or
  • during the preceding twelve (12)-month period, or
  • that owns or leases fifteen (15) or more cars and trucks.


(Supporting documentation must be retained by the dealer and made available to GM upon request.)


What are the next steps if I do qualify as a fleet?



What if I use/purchase vehicles for my business, but I don't qualify as a Fleet?


  • Review GM Small Business Offers & Incentives by make and model for your area.
  • Other offers may apply — see your Dealer or Request a Quote online.